Expert Tree Removal Services At Affordable Prices


At Las Vegas Best Tree Service, we have a proven track record of removing even the most hazardous of trees. Got palm trees? They’re no problem for us.

While tree removal is very dangerous, it’s a cinch when you use specialized equipment. Accidents can happen – so don’t attempt tree removal on your own.  Our employees, however, have an extensive record of excellence in safety.

If you do need tree removal, make sure the company you choose has both workers compensation and general liability insurance. At Las Vegas Best Tree Service we have all the appropriate insurance and are happy to give you a copy. You also have the opportunity to contact the insurance company and verify it for yourself.

Unfortunately, many companies operate without insurance, and if an accident happens, you can be held responsible. Before you have tree removal performed in the Las Vegas area, make sure you verify the company’s insurance.


The Value of Well Maintained Trees

Trees have long been appreciated as an integral part of both commercial and residential properties because of welcoming appearance and aesthetic beauty. However, you may not realize how much added value they bring to your home or property. You’re already familiar with the roles that trees play for wildlife and air quality. However, you might be surprised to know how much trees can increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell. These are just some of the excellent reasons that trees should be part of your landscaping.

On the flip side, there are times when the trees on your property become a hindrance and must be removed. Whether they’re victims of disease, storm damage, or just located in a less than ideal location, sometimes you have to do what needs to be done. In these cases, it’s best to call in professional tree removers to handle the job.


Dead or Dying Trees Must Be Removed

It’s obvious that a dead or dying tree should be removed. It can blow down easily in high winds or topple over on its own. Tree debris can make a mess of your backyard or pool. Tree branches have a knack for falling perfectly on things of value such as your cars, your house, or even the fence that separates your property from your neighbors. These are just a few reasons why a tree might need to be removed.

The most obvious signs that a tree is seriously damaged or dying is the absence of leaves, blossoms or fruit on the branches. Sometimes the branches can be pruned, but often the underlying cause is so severe that the entire tree must be taken down. Damage is also usually very evident when a tree has been struck by lightning or cracked due to strong winds.

Less obvious signs of trunk decay or root rot are often hard to see unless you’re an experienced tree expert. That’s where the experts at Las Vegas Best Tree Service can help. Our experienced tree experts know how to evaluate a tree trunk to determine whether it’s being attacked by insects or rotting from the inside out.

A lessor known reason to remove trees would be to eliminate fruit or nuts that can be hazardous. The fruit, nuts or seeds can be a slipping hazard when wet. Some may even be toxic or a choking hazard when ingested. Removing these hazards provides a safe area for children and pets. This will also prevent any chance of future trees growing in the same spot without your express written consent.

When trees become damaged by disease or accident, let us provide you our expert opinion on the best course of action. Damaged and dying trees often need to be removed, especially if they’re close to a house, driveway, outbuilding or the street. Removing a dying tree proactively will help you avoid insurance claims, legal liability and potential injuries if a dead tree comes down unexpectedly.


Roots, Stumps, Overgrowth and Crowding

Does the existing landscape at your commercial property or home seem crowded and overgrown. Removing trees and shrubs can open up the look and feel of your property. Maybe your landscape is unorganized and lacks beauty & design. Sometimes just removing a few unwanted, out of place trees can enhance the style of your landscape. You also want to be aware of overcrowding. Overcrowding means that too many trees compete for water and soil nutrients. A few healthy trees are much better than a number of less healthy ones.

Trees whose roots are already damaging sidewalks, driveways, causing cracks in foundations, or disrupting sewer lines will only continue to cause more property damage until they are removed. The roots can be unsightly as well as unsafe. You’re more open to a lawsuit if someone trips on your sidewalk or driveway because roots have caused it to heave.

When trees are cut down, the remaining stumps should be removed as well. However, sometimes the stumps are left behind by companies that don’t complete the job properly or by do-it-yourself homeowners who just never get around to finishing the job. Stump removal isn’t just simply cutting down the tree at ground level. Instead, the entire stump and its root system must be removed so that the tree doesn’t begin to grow again. We’re experienced in digging out the root system completely and grinding the stump properly so that a large hole isn’t left in the yard. Not to mention we have special stump grinding machinery that ensures the job is done quickly and correctly.


What Makes Us Different From Our Competition

 Hiring a tree specialist such as Las Vegas Best Tree Service is essential when you need to remove one or more trees from your property. Tree removal isn’t a do-it-yourself job, particularly if the tree is large, old or damaged. The likelihood is high that you could be seriously injured or have extensive damage to your property.

It’s not just the height or the circumference of the tree that must be considered when it’s time to remove it. The location of the tree is also an important factor. Trees that are too close to power lines in particular are dangerous for homeowners to remove safely on their own. Also a tree located close to a house, driveway or the street can cause a lot of additional damage if it isn’t brought down properly. Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge, experience or equipment to do it themselves.

We offer free estimates when you’re ready to have a tree removed from your property. While we need to take a look at the tree before reaching a final decision on the price, you won’t have to wait days or weeks for the estimate. We offer same-day estimates because we realize how important it is to remove a potentially dangerous tree from your property as soon as possible. We also offer our 5-Day Brand Promise so you will have you tree trimmed, removed or pruned within 5 business days of the day our services are scheduled.


We’re also ready to match the prices of other tree removal companies in the area. When a tree needs to be removed from your property, remember to call Las Vegas Best Tree Service.